Peter Rabbit

How to play Peter Rabbit: Let’s Go!

Peter Rabbit™: Let’s Go! is a delightful way for parents and children to spend time together with Peter and his friends on their adventures.
Find items to fill Peter’s dad’s journal, play fun and educational mini-games and explore iconic locations from the incredible world of Peter Rabbit™.

Who do you want to play with?

Tap on the character icon to choose a character.
Tap on Peter, Lily or Benjamin to choose which rabbit to play with.

Play with Peter and his friends

Tap their feet to see them hop.
Tap their tummies to hear them speak.
Tap their ears and hats to see little animations.
Wiggle your finger over them to tickle them.
Tap on the game icon at the bottom of the screen to play a game with them.

I’m Hungry!

As you play games with the rabbits, they will get hungry.
Tap on the food icon to go to the your food basket.
Drag some food into their mouths to feed them.

Food Thought Bubbles

When Peter, Benjamin or Lily really want type of food, they will think about it.
If you feed them this type of food, you will win an item for Peter’s Dad’s journal.

Dad’s Journal

Tap on the journal to look inside.
Swipe the pages to look at the different pages, items and colouring pages.
Tap on a paint icon to colour in a picture.
Can you fill up the entire Journal?

The Map

Tap the map icon to choose a new location.
Swipe up and down to see the different places on the map.
Tap a location to go there.

Peter’s Bedroom

Play with Peter’s Toy Train to win blueberries.
Tap on the train controller to make the train go and stop.
Can you work out how to win the blueberries?

Peter’s Front Room

Play with the blocks to win pears.
Stack the blocks in order to win pears.
Each character has their own set of blocks.

Outside Peter’s Home

Play the match game to win raspberries.
Match 2 items each turn.
Can you clear 3 sets of tiles?

Jeremy Fisher’s Recital

Play Jeremy Fisher’s music game to win parsnips.
Tap on the yellow and blue music notes.
Avoid the red music notes, they are bad!
Each character has their own music played.

Mr McGregors Carrot Patch

Play Mr McGregor’s Carrot Raid to win carrots.
Tap on the carrots as they appear.
Don’t tap on Mr McGregor’s boots. You will lose time.
Tap on the clocks to gain more time.
Can you win 3 carrots in the raid?

Mr McGregor’s Radish Raid

Play Mr McGregors Radish Raid Match game to win Radishes.
Match 2 items each turn.

Pine Cone Bowling

Play Pine Cone Bowling at Nutkins tree to win apples.
Aim the apple then flick it upwards towards the pine cones.
Knock them all down for a strike and to win 3 apples.
Are you a bowling champ?

Treehouse Balloon Game

Play with the Balloons at the Treehouse to win peas.
Can you keep all 4 balloons up in the air by holding one and bouncing the others up?
Or, do you want to pop them all with your finger to win the peas.

Lily’s Ladybird Game

Lily’s ladybird Florence has gone missing.
Tap on the ladybird and butterflies to win blackberries.
Don’t tap on the buzzy bees. They will sting you.

Mr Tod’s Strawberry Raid

Go on a Strawberry Raid at Mr Tod’s house to win strawberries.
Tap on the strawberries as they appear on the side.
Don’t tap on Mr Tod as it will lose you time.
Can you win 3 strawberries in 1 raid?

Mr Bouncer’s Target Practice

Benjamin’s dad, Mr Bouncer, has been busy.
He’s invented a Target Practice machine.
Play his machine to win tomatoes.
Pull back the acorn, aim the arrow and release to fling the acorn at the targets.
Hit targets to make Old Brown, Mr Tod or Tommy Brock targets to appear.
Fling acorns at the targets to win tomatoes.
Don’t hit the ‘X’ targets, they will lose you time.
Hit a clock target to gain more time.
Can you win 3 tomatoes?

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